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Until then, check out this green outside!

The heavy rains in March left puddles and flooded lawns for weeks after, but it also left behind the most beautiful blooming trees, grass, and plants. Green Meadow Landscapes can offer lawn, shrub, and tree treatments to help maintain their health, while also preventing other damages like insects or lawn diseases.

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Don’t Stop Mowing Just Yet!

The cold weather has given us a taste of what this winter will be like, so naturally, we decide to put up the lawn mower and turn in the summer clothes. BUT WAIT!

Mowing consistently while your grass is still growing will truly make a difference for your lawn come next spring. During the cold season you don’t have to mow nearly as much, but you should keep it at about 2 1/2 inches.

If you notice your grass isn’t growing any more, go ahead and put the mower up for winter. You’re free til next year!