Fill In Flood Spots

Fill In Flood Spots

Is your lawn, or perhaps someone’s you’ve seen being affected by low, vulnerable flood spots?

I’m sure you’ve seen them, or had the poor misfortune of walking right into one without noticing it was there. Flood spots in lawns are all too common, but can unfortunately produce some real damage if not taken seriously.

Excessive flooding is typically bad, but having standing water in one place that is possibly next to your home could mean bad news – not only for your lawn but for your home.

In the most serious cases, foundation damages can occur like cracks or breaks, leading to possible structural damage. While this is less common, it is no less a reality and should not be taken lightly!

Other, more noticeable and common problems that standing water can cause are bug breeding grounds, lawn suffocation, and grass loss. Applying fertilizer and seed to your lawn after flooding season may be necessary to spark proper growth.

Check out this great article on what to do if your Bermuda Grass-based lawn has been damaged by a flood. If you have any expert advice, submit your suggestion!


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