Tree and Shrub Care

Our five-step program features a high quality fertilizer and insecticide to prevent any pest issues while promoting the growth of green and healthy trees and shrubs.

1. February to March: Systemic insecticide to prevent insect problems throughout the year.
2. April to May: General insecticide, fungicide, liquid fertilizer control insects, disease, and promote growth.
3. May to June: Fertilize shrubs, treat for insects and disease as needed.
4. July to August: Fertilize shrubs, treat for insect and disease as needed.
5. October to November: Dormant oil to control over-wintering insects.

We can not treat trees over 20ft tall.

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care Services

Our company is properly licensed, insured and bonded, and our technicians are certified by the Department of Agriculture. Green Meadow Landscapes offers the same level of quality care to your ornamentals as we do for your lawn. From fertilization to bed weed control, we offer a wide variety of services to keep your landscape looking beautiful all year long.

Shrub Bed Weed Control

Would your landscape beds be the picture of perfection if only those ugly weeds weren’t a distraction? Let our lawn care specialists introduce our highly effective bed weed control applications to your landscape this season. We utilize both pre- and post-emergent weed control applications to stop weed seed germination and to kill off weeds that have already begun to grow. For the best lawn care service, call Green Meadow Landscapes today!


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